Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Been busy....procrastinating?

Well I am not sure. I am still dealing with my income taxes...not done yet! Not going to Calgary this weekend...the dinner with the Mormon guys is going to be later I guess..long weekend. I'd like to go see Kevin in Calgary again tho..he's a very nice guy. Waiting to hear back from Kara Lee the Pride Week volunteer co-ordinator. I am pumped thinking about volunteering for the parade and cleanup of the square. There will be a cool group performing at the post parade concert....The Be Arthurs. the world's only ukelele cover really...and they're very good !

Well to bed's 3:15 am......again. Gotta do better. I feel good knowing I've got some good friends now in the gay community. Also that I'm becoming much more aware of the kind of guys I want to date....these sweethearts actually exists.. gotta love romantic passionate guys who want monogamous LTR's. :). Guess I wasn't going to start findin them until  "I" was ready!

Looked at a new basement suite tonight....really "sweet" better than I have now....2 bedrooms, a utility room, an office nook, and built in space heaters...and lots of big windows......and lots of storage cupboards! I'm lovin' it!  I paid my damage deposit and move in two weeks from now.

Good night, blogger....and all other forms of intelligent life out there

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